Battery Optimizer

Battery Optimizer 3.2

Optimizes the laptop's power consumption
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Analyzes and displays your laptop's battery health, then finds a way to optimize the power consumption. Advises users about which Windows features can be disabled in order to save battery power.

Battery Optimizer is a software tool which allows you to analyze your battery health and optimize its functionality.
This system utility helps you to keep the battery performance at a high level. It is very useful for anyone who owns a laptop, but especially for those who need to use a laptop without having access to the electrical network.

Every time you run it, you will be delighted by a friendly user interface. It contains intuitive buttons, which easily guide you to the desired action. Also, the main window contains a green button, which directs you to a quick start of the battery diagnosis.
Battery Optimizer offers you 2 types of diagnosis: Express and Comprehensive. It is strongly recommended to not perform another operations on your laptop during the diagnosis process (Express or Comprehensive).

This advanced laptop optimization utility not only performs the management of your laptop's battery when your system goes to sleep, but also tells you how much battery life you can save by turning off the unneeded features of your laptop.

Using this powerful tool you will increase the performance of your laptop's battery, saving extra minutes for yourselves. Any extra minute is like a gold treasure for those who need to save their documents or get to the next level in their favorite games.

Josephine Seaman
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  • accurately estimates the battery life that can be gained/lost by changing laptop settings
  • the computer performance is not affected when you use Battery Optimizer


  • some features, such as Monitoring and Restore are not available in the trial version
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